Automne Op.18 No.3 (Gabriel Fauré 1845-1924)


Automne (Trois mélodies) Op.18 No.3

{1878, published 1880} Text: Armand Silvestre (1837-1901 ) /Music: Gabriel Fauré (1845-1924) – à Mademoiselle Alice Boissonnet.

Marilyn Mccabe's image of Armand Sylvestre & Gabriel Fauré Marilyn McCabe’s image of Armand Sylvestre & Gabriel Fauré

Paul-Armand Silvestre (April 18, 1837 – February 19, 1901) was a Parisian born poet, journalist, art critic and was awarded the Legion of Honour in 1886. A civil servant, not regarded as one of the great French poets, nonetheless attracted a lot of composers to his work, as they “left tactful scope for [read more…]