Insomnia: A Nocturnal Voyage in Song: William Berger (Baritone) & Albert Combrink (Piano) – Review in “Die Burger” 25 September 2012


Baritone impresses with technique – Charl van Heyningen –

“Die Burger” 25 Sept 2012, P.10

Insomnia: A Nocturnal Voyage in Song
William Berger (Baritone) and Albert Combrink (Piano)
St. Andrews Presbyterian Church – Greenpoint

During a newspaper interview the late Marita Napier once lit up a cigarette. “How can you smoke and sing?” asked the shocked young journalist. “Technique, darling. Technique”, said the opera diva in her typically laconic manner.

And technique is precisely what the British Lyric Baritone William Berger displayed brilliantly when he delighted an appreciative audience for more than 90 minutes. Only a dry mouth and an intermittent cough and splutter gave away [read more…]