Photos: La Motte Presents: Blute Nur – Easter Lamentations with Lynelle Kenned, Albert Combrink, Sally Minter & Sarah Acres 6.4.14


La Motte

“Blute Nur” – Easter Lamentations with Lynelle Kenned (soprano), Albert Combrink (piano), Sally Minter (flute), Sarah Acres (cello)

5th April 2014

La Motte Historic Cellar

To celebrate Easter, we presented a programme of arias and reflective works for soprano and obbligato instruments centred around the great St. Matthew Passion by J.S. Bach. Arias and instrumental items were interspersed with short poetic meditation-readings suitable to the occasion. Poems and spiritual readings were narrated by Johann Nel. The programme included the world premiere of a “Silent Mourning” by Dr. Steven van der [read more…]