Rossini’s “La Scala di Seta”: meet the players


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I have been a repetiteur for many productions, from Operas to Musicals to Cabarets. But I have enjoyed few of them as much as this production conducted by Alex Fokkens and directed by Lara Bye.  The story is delightfully funny and charming. A young couple are in love and already secretly married, and this becomes the engine that drives the farce. I think it is a real “Closet-Opera”: there is always at least one closet on the stage, with always at least one person hiding in [read more…]

Rossini’s “La Scala di Seta”: meet the players2009-06-08T20:59:35+02:00

Dangerous Liaisons – Albert Combrink talks to Sunnyboy Dladla


The tenor who was almost a nurse

Sunnyboy Dladla at 20 Tenors

DANGEROUS LIAISONS: Bel Canto Arias and Duets of Love & Intrigue

Beau Soleil Music School
12 Salisbury Rd, Kenilworth
Adults R50, Children R20

I love listening to Sunnyboy’s voice. It is a clear and bright sound that goes up and down the scale without sounding tight, tense or pinched. He can reach those stratospheric high notes that are so thrilling in operatic music. Sunnyboy sounds young and fresh, no wobble in sight, without any of the suicidal gasps and chest-beating one expects [read more…]

Dangerous Liaisons – Albert Combrink talks to Sunnyboy Dladla2009-05-25T20:46:39+02:00
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