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Kaddish (Maurice Ravel): Beverley Chiat & Albert Combrink


Beverley Chiat (Soprano) & Albert Combrink (Piano)

Kaddish (Deux mélodies hébraïques #1) Maurice Ravel (1875–1937)

The setting by Ravel is amended to include a few lines he cut from the original prayer, to make it suitable for use in the Synagogue on Kol Nidre. It is also transposed up a Major Third (to the higher key of E Minor – the original key is C minor) The Soprano is facing away from the Camera at this point, as the prayer is sung facing the Ark which contains the Torah Scrolls.

Recorded Live during the “Kol Nidre” service at Temple Israel Reform Synagogue in [read more…]

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Kaddish – Music as Prayer


Jewish Cemetary in Krakow Jewish Cemetary in Krakow

The first time I heard the Kaddish, it struck me very deeply. I did not understand the language; I did not know what it was about. All I know is that it was the most beautiful melody I had ever heard. That opening phrase with its flattened second note of the scale was absolutely hypnotic. The language I did not know: strange and earthy. When it built to its climax, I was swept with it.

Ritualistic and from the depths of the soul, the [read more…]

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