Eloheinu Tavo (Schlesinger): Beverley Chiat (Soprano) & Albert Combrink (Live 2013)


Eloheinu Tavo (Sigmund Schlesinger b. 1835): Beverley Chiat (Soprano) & Albert Combrink (Live 2013

Recorded on Yom Kippur 2013


Eloheinu Tavo (Sigmund Schlesinger b. 1835) Text in Hebrew and English:

(I apologise in advance if my Hebrew transliteration or translation is not always 100% correct)

Part 1 – Soloist
Eluhenu velohenu avotenu – O God of our Fathers

Tavo le faneche tefilatenu – Let our prayers come before you

Veal titalam mitchinatenu – Hide not thyself from supplication

She en anachnu azefanim – For we are not so arrogant

Ukshe oref – or hardened


Part 2 – Soloist
Lomar le fanecha – That we should not [read more…]