“For the Love of Music” – Live CD Recording Ifriky, Janine, Ivan & Albert (Oct 2013)


“For the Love of Music” – Live CD Recording: Ifriky Tadadjeu, Janine Pick, Ivan Meredith & Albert Combrink

Saturday 26 October 2 pm

NASSAU CENTER, Palmyra Road, Newlands, Cape Town


Live recording of “For The Love of Music”. Ifriky Tadadjeu, Janine Pick, Albert Combrink and Ivan Meredith take the stage again, this time accompanied by Riaan Steyn, producer, pianist, composer, and founder of Traxtudio. Together they will attempt to turn a recording session into an entertainment event!! The audience gets to buy a CD AND witness its recording. The challenge is to record 19 tracks in just about 2 [read more…]