Villa-Lobos Songs: Filipa Van Eck and Albert Combrink in concert


" O vosso canto vem do fundo do Sertao, como uma brisa amolecendo o coracao" - "Your songs come from the depths of the forest, like a breeze softening my heart." These words by Brazilian poet Manuel Bandeira - speaking of a beloved to a bird in the forest - could apply to Villa-Lobos. His vocal music has not been adequately explored in recital or on recordings. Putting together a selection of songs is not an easy task. But there is much of value and beauty to explore. A concert-tour to Mozambique with soprano Filipa von Eck was the perfect opportunity to explore these delightful works.

Villa-Lobos Songs: Filipa Van Eck and Albert Combrink in concert2009-07-14T04:31:37+02:00

Villa-Lobos: Ciclo Brasileiro for Piano


One often reads about the Brazilian rhyhms, Indian folk melodies and other "exotic" elements in the music of Villa-Lobos. It would however be to underestimate the composer to view him as a quaint colourist. His works reflect depth of study and an immersion in contemporary compositional techniques. Cilco Brasileiro was a challenge for me to learn, but what a pleasure to perform!

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Bachianas Brasileiras #5 Aria (Cantilena) text and translation

Bachianas Brasileiras #5 Aria (Cantilena) Text by Ruth Valadares Corrêa (who also sang its World Premiere in 1938)

Tarde uma nuvem rósea lenta e transparente.
Sobre o espaço, sonhadora e bela!
Surge no infinito a lua docemente,
Enfeitando a tarde, qual meiga donzela
Que se apresta e a linda sonhadoramente,
Em anseios d’alma para ficar bela
Grita ao céu e a terra toda a Natureza!
Cala a passarada aos seus tristes queixumes
E reflete o mar toda a Sua riqueza…
Suave a luz da lua desperta agora
A cruel saudade que ri e chora!
Tarde uma nuvem rósea lenta e transparente
Sobre o espaço, sonhadora e bela!

English translation:

Evening, a rosy, translucent [read more…]

Bachianas Brasileiras #5 Aria (Cantilena) text and translation2009-06-22T20:25:01+02:00
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