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This is a compliation of weblinks to the various press releases and related articles about the 2010 launch of Tango Club, the latest CD by the CT Tango Ensemble. It is released on the new Record Label Good Music World.

This page will be updated as new postings appear.

The CD is on sale as Album and MP3 Downloads at CDBaby

Press Release: CT Tango Ensemble CD Launch – “Tango Club” – Baxter Concert Hall 23/03/2010, 20.15 the original press release contains the Launch Concert Poster, the CD Cover as well as photographs of all artists on the CD.

CT Tango Ensemble on YouTube – ADIOS by Stanislav Angelov (From the lastest CD “Tango Club”) – a brief introduction to the song Adios by Stanislav Angelov, and a YouTube link to our performance of it at the Paulaner Music Festival 2008, at the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, Cape Town.

Astor Piazzolla: Cobblestone to Dancefloor to Concert Halla discussion of the birth of Piazzolla’s Tango Nuevo style, and the Cape Town Tango Ensemble’s affinity for and history with this wonderful composer.

Cape Town Tango Ensemble MP3 and Video clips a selection of websites that sell MP3’s or carry demos and visual material from shows and concerts we have done in the past, including our two CD releases.

Milonga del Angel: Cape Town Tango Ensemble dancing with Angelsa discussion of this work, central to the work of both Piazzolla and the CT Tango Ensemble. It contains discussion about the individual contribution of our guest artists on the album, such as James Grace.

La Muerte del Angel – CT Tango Ensemble a discussion of Fugal writing, and Angel Symbolism in Piazzola’s works. It also discusses how my arrangement of this work explores the affinity between Piazzolla and other 20th Century classical composers such as Igor Stravinsky.

CT Tango Ensemble blends the old and the new in Julian Plaza’s famous milongaa discussion around the roots of the Tango in Argentina during the early 20th Century. It also explores cultural traditions around the social conventions of the dancefloor, and uses our recording of Plaza’s Payadora as an illustration of the challenge and complexity of blending tradition with innovation.

Bandoneon – King of Tango: CT Tango Ensemble’s Stanislav Angeulov talks about using the Bandoneon on their new CD “Tango Club”a discussion of how Angeulov – originally a solo Accordionist – came to play the Bandoneon in the first place. Through interviews with Angeulov and Rodolfo Mederos, this posting explores the relationship between the Tango and the Bandoneon.

Not all Black and White: Stanislav Angelov compares the Bandoneon to the Accordion – Stanislav Angelov – to use the alternate spelling of his name – performs and records professionally on both the Bandoneon and Accordion. This post explores the qualities each of these instruments brings to the Tango, and to the CT Tango Ensemble. Stanislav is uniquely qualified to chair this discussion, as he is one of the very few – if not the only one – to have recorded both instruments on one Tango CD

CT Tango Ensemble CD Launch Baxter Concert Hall: 23 March 2010, 20.15the poster for the launch event – a live Milonga on stage.

Reviews of “Tango Club” by the CT Tango Ensemble – a collection of press-reviews of the CD and launch concert.

CT Tango Ensemble CD Launch Photos – a post with photos from the highly successful Launch Concert at the sold-out Baxter Concert Hall. The post contains links to two more posts of pictures.

All artwork in this post by Chris Shields  – http://www.illustratedwildlife.com/

Tango Feet - Chris Shields