Ki Anu Amecha (Fromm): Beverley Chiat (Soprano Solo)Vocal Trio: Thesele Kemane, Katherine Moon, Leanne Jacobson & Albert Combrink (Piano)
(Arranged by Albert Combrink, Sung in Hebrew)

Filmed Live during the “Rosh Hashanah” service at Temple Israel Reform Synagogue, Greenpoint, Cape Town, South Africa, September 2013


Herbert  Fromm (1905– 1995)

Herbert Fromm (1905– 1995)

Herbert Fromm (1905– 1995) was one of the most prominent, most prolific, and most widely published composers of synagogue and other serious Jewish music among those German- and Austrian-Jewish musicians who found refuge from the Third Reich in the United States during the 1930s and who became associated principally with the American Reform movement. He was a pupil of Paul Hindemith at the State Academy of Music in Munich, with whom he later managed to reconnect after settling the USA – at first as Choir Master in Buffalo and later Music Director and Organist at the larger and more prestigious Temple Israel in Boston.

Among his large opera of liturgical and liturgically related works are several full services and numerous individual prayer settings—many of which became part of the standard repertoire in Reform synagogues—as well as Judaically based pieces geared for concert performance. For a full list of his compositions, please see the informative website of Claude Torres.


The Words




Selach lanu, mekhal lanu, kaper lanuKi anu amekha, v’ata EloheinuAnu banekha, v’ata AvinuAnu avadekha, v’ata Adonenu

Anu kehalekha, v’ata khelkeinu …

(more text in Yom Kippur prayerbook)

Pardon us, forgive us, give us atonement,For we are your people and You are our LordWe are your children and You are our FatherWe are your servants and You are our Master

We are your congregation, and You are our Portion



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