Misty – Louise Howlett (Vocals) & Albert Combrink (Piano) – Live Video



Music by Erroll Louis Garner (June 15, 1921 – January 2, 1977)
Lyrics by Johnny Burke (October 3, 1908 — February 25, 1964)
Performers: Voice & Piano Duo Louise Howlett and Albert Combrink
Where: Live in concert at the launch of their CD “Night Sessions” at the Alliance Francaise in Cape Town
When: 7 October 2010.

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Erroll Garner was an American jazz pianist and composer known for his instantly recognisable swing piano playing and his distinctive ballads. In 1954 the Erroll Garner Trio introduced the instrumental Misty. A year later Johnny Burke penned the lyrics, creating the song we know today. Misty remained relatively unknown until Johnny Mathis popularized the vocal version with his million-selling recording in 1959. Johnny Burke was a lyricist who had started his professional career as a house pianist for the Irving Berlin Publishing Company, playing popular songs to customers in the hope of selling more copies.

“There are several variations of the origin of Misty. One has Erroll Garner sitting on an airplane waiting for take off and looking out the window into the mist and observing a rainbow; another has him in the air flying from Chicago to New York; and a third simply says he was in an airplane thinking about his wife. Regardless, as a musician who could neither read nor write music, he hummed the tune to himself repeatedly while he hurried home to play his melody on the piano for transcription.” (Jeremy Wilson: Jazzstandards.com)

Eroll Garner & Clint Eastwood, early 1970’s

Misty featured prominently Clint Eastwood’s 19712 film Play Misty For Me. (Photo Fred Seibert)


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Lyrics for MISTY (Music Erroll Garner, Lyrics Johnny Burke):

Look at me,

I’m as helpless as a kitten up a tree
And I feel like I’m clinging to a cloud
I can’t understand,
I get misty, holding your hand.

Walk my way,
And a thousand violins begin to play
Or it might be the sound of your hello
That music I hear,
I get misty the moment you’re near

You can say that you’re leading me on
But it’s just what I want you to do
Don’t you realize how hopelessly I’m lost
That’s why I’m following you.

On my own,
Would I wander through this wonderland alone
Never knowing my right foot from my left,
My hat from my glove,
I get misty, and too much in love

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