Like a Half-darkened theater

Both Howlett and Combrink wear more than one hat in the music world. He is a superb and humble accompanist and does his part almost unnoticed. Then he can be very flamboyant when he performs with the CT Tango Ensemble. She drifts effortlessly from classical to musicals to jazz.

For this album they chose ballads and timeless songs. The CD conjures up a half-darkened, small theatre. The pianist is probably wearing a hat, and the singer is in a black dress. In this atmosphere the work of Sondheim, Cole Porter and Edith Piaf fit snugly.

The most beautiful song on the album is Song to the Moon – Dvorak can be sung.

This is an album for a niche market, but will reward anyone who quietly sits and listens to it.

Mariana Malan

Die Burger (Also Published concurrently in Die Beeld)

Friday 26 November 2010.