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Life and love: finding it, negotiating its pitfalls, tasting its highs and its lows… Is that not the ultimate human condition? Through the night we seek solace, find answers and are guided by the moon towards a new dawn filled with hope.

The moon… O yes, it’s all the moon’s fault – that Old Devil Moon (EY Harburg).

But then, how bad can it be? A sigh is just a sigh, and a kiss? Oh, a kiss is never just a kiss – it’s a fundamental thing, As Time Goes By (Herman Hupfeld).

Remembering those kisses, that wonderful feeling under the stars, can be as painful as it is beautiful. Because sometimes the memory of love is as real and intangible as Stardust (Hoagy Carmichael).

Life is generous. The possibility of love is always there, you just need a bit of faith in the Blue Moon (Rodgers and Hart).

And isn’t it a wonderful feeling? The fluttering heart, the furtively exchanged glances and that moment when you catch them smiling at you and you can’t help but smile back? Don’t you just feel like you’re walking on air? And you think, “Someone should just Fly Me To The Moon” (Bart Howard).

But what goes up, sometimes must come down. Losing that one you love, under any circumstances, is rarely easy. You try to hold on, you look to the moon to keep youtogether. Especially ‘Round Midnight (Thelonius Monk).

But sometimes you find yourself in the dark. How does one get through those times? Chocolate? Red Wine? Something stronger? Cigarettes and regrets? Or just lots of Black Coffee (Burke / Webster).

And the in early hours of the morning, you may face the reality, too late, that youalso made mistakes. So much irony, it’s a joke – just Send In The Clowns (Stephen Sondheim).

There is something very peaceful about those special moments just before dawn.When you find yourself at a new beginning, and there’s hope for the new day. On the horizon you see a glow, a glimmer of hope and you know that Someday My Prince Will Come (Morey / Churchill).

And you think about that special person Night and Day (Cole Porter).

The moon, of course, sees everything. And has seen it all before – all you can do is ask her to look out for love and bring it to you with your Song To The Moon (Dvorak / Kvapil – Translation: Rodney Blume).

Some of us are hopeless romantics. And how wonderful that we are! The world needs optimists, visionaries – in short, dreamers. We believe there’s something special at the end of the rainbow, and that there is true love out there for each and every one of us. Us dreamers, we’re connected you know. Think of it as a Rainbow Connection (Williams / Ascher).

The Rainbow brings a spectrum of colour into our vision, and colours everything we see with a rose tint. Find the beauty and enjoy it while it lasts, because everything has a time to blossom, and a time to fade. Love and life, is as fleeting as a flower. So drink a toast to La Vie En Rose (Edith Piaf).

Lover or no lover, life is for living. It’s time to get out and have fun, forget our troubles and cares. Maybe I see you there – Downtown (Tony Hatch).

So go check out that ol’ Devil moon and who knows, love may be just around the corner. Maybe even Tonight (Bernstein / Sondheim).