Here is a small selection of some of the reviews I have received in the Press for my performances as a classical pianist.

Albert Combrink, onstage throughout, underscored the value of a good accompanist with playing that was consistently stylish and supportive. – Deon Irish, Cape Times Arts, 17 Aug. 2010

An interesting programme, ranging form the atmospheric to the bravura, very well suited to revealing the many sides of Combrink’s poised and purposeful pianism. – Anne Pretorius, Daily News

His playing can only be described in that most journalistic of cliches, stunning. Masterly technique and a formidable intellect combined to give a performance both professional and mature. – Philip Vietri, Daily News

Combrink has a very big technique and the way he built up to the climax in Waldesrauschen was admirable. And it was played with masterly control. – Arts Editor, Natal Herald

Among the exponents of the keyboard, outstanding musician of the evening was pianist Albert Combrink. Sound technique and expressive depth combined in playing of atmospheric intensity. – Beverley Brommert, Cape Times

Combrink lewer ‘n besonder kleurryke, atmosfeerbelaaide bydrae as begeleier to Bloch se Baal Shem Suite (Combrink makes a particularly colourful and atmospheric contribution as accompanist to Bloch’s Baal Shem Suite) – Berna Ackerman, Die Volksblad

Combrink speel met volle oorgawe. Sy klankkleur, toonbalansering en pragtige frase-vorming in die Skriabin Sonate was manjifiek. (Combrink plays with total abandon. His tone-colour, tone-balance and beautiful phrasing in the Scriabin Sonata was magnificent) – Dr. P Krige, Die Volksblad

His performance of Klatzow’s Moment’s of Night, commanded attention. The suite was, in short, exquisitely performed. At all times, careful consideration of tone, colour and dynamics was evident. – Lindy van der Meulen, Daily News

Combrink gave a powerful and thoughtful interpretation of Hindemith’s Sonata. He brought the work to life through meticulous attention to melodic and rhythmic ideas. – Lindy van der Meulen, Daily News.

A powerfully impassioned pianist. – David Lloyd. Durban Herald

Combrink, in Beethoven’s Third Piano Concerto, displays a fearless technique. Courage like this does offer great excitement. – David Lloyd, Durban Herald

Combrink opened with Arnold van Wyk’s Nagmusiek, a technically and emotionally demanding work of enormous substance. The definitive performance? If not, very close to. – Anne Pretorious, Daily News

Ranging from poignant to Bravura, Combrink brought off Scriabin’s Preludes with the panache one has come to expect from this exceptional performer. – Ann Pretorius, Daily News

Poised and purposeful pianism gave Combrink Full Honours in the Performer’s Competition. – Ann Pretorius, Daily News

Superb playing from Combrink. Surely on this showing one of our unjustly neglected composers, Arnold van Wyk’s distinctive style was captured to perfection. -George Nesbit – Sunday Herald

Combrink had the strength and temperament for Liszt’s grand gestures and the finesse for its lyrical demands. – George Nesbit, Sunday Herald

His interpretation of Messiaen is profound. – George Nesbit, Sunday Herald

The warm and wistful lines of the Brahms Intermezzo were well caught, and the Prokofiev Toccata proved the perfect vehicle for a tempestuous display. -David Smith, Daily News