Bells & Scherzos in the Music of Chopin and Liszt: A Multimedia Educational Recital

29 May 2012: 2.30 pm

Hyslop Hall – Diocesan College School of Music

Albert Combrink presents a challenging programme of virtuoso piano works by Franz Liszt and Frederic Chopin, two towering pianistic giants of the 19th Century. The recital has an educational focus, being presented to the Gr. 8 Subject Music Pupils. In addition to the piano performance, Combrink introduces the works to the learners, pointing out historical and musical concepts and placing the works in context. While the music is playing, a Powerpoint Presentation presents the Sheet Music for learners to follow, with some anotations and descritpions appropriate to he age and educational level of the audience.


This format is ideal for introducing learners to the concepts of European Art Music, and paves the way towards more demanding analysis in the class-room.

A guided Powerpoint Presentation of Analysis and structural pointers in the Large format Sheet Music for learners to wollow while the live performance is going on.