Join us for a stunning evening of tango tango tango. The Cape Town Tango Ensemble will be entertaining fresh from their Gauteng Tour and recent South African Music Award for Best Instrumental Album. Guests will be watching from tables or dancing to the music of the ensemble while iKhaya lodge will offer a cafe menu and full bar. There will also be a complimentary premilonga lesson which is included in the price.

Special guest of the evening is Argentinian Tango Maestro Jose Halfon, who visited Gauteng and Cape Town for two weeks of coaching and master-classes.


Bring friends to enjoy the music and tango ambience. All welcome.

Venue: iKhaya Lodge, Dunkley Square Gardens
Time: Premilonga Lesson: 7:30- 8:30 pm (combination step for dancers who have been dancing for 6 months or more)
8:30 pm – midnight – CTTE at Milonga Africana
Cost: R100 (including complimentary premilonga lesson)

Your hostess for the evening will be Tanguera Rachel Glaser from the Libertango Tango School.

We could not have asked for a more perfect venue for this event than iKhaya Lodge.