Thursday 09 August 2012 at 19H30 – ARTSCAPE THEATER, Cape Town

Friday 10 August 2012 at 19H30 – ARTSCAPE THEATER, Cape Town

Friday 17 August 2012 at 20H30 – THE LYRIC At Gold Reef City Casino, Johannesburg And Reef – Gauteng

Back at The Lyric Theater in Johannesburg’s Gold Reef City for the fourth year running, and for the first time this year at ARTSCAPE THEATER in Cape Town Dance for a Cure is the culmination of the country`s top performers coming together for the greater good. We tell a story about a woman`s journey through a battle with cervical cancer and we bring the message of hope that it can now be prevented through the development of a new vaccine. Contemporary, neo classical, classical ballet, tap, opera, african, indian, all forms of dance and music uniting to bring us hope.This production aims to unite the Arts together for the great cause – to fundraise for a life-saving vaccination against cervical cancer. South Africa`s top performers showcase their talent in the form of dance, song and music, all threaded together by a theme of love and passion and Claude Bolling`s work.


Artists include:

Fem Belling – Australia

Dominique Paccaut – Paris

Sibongile Mngoma – South Africa

Adele Blank – South Africa

Musical Direction: Albert Combrink
Band: Alvin Dyers (Guitar) , Darryl Andrews (Bass Guitar), Nick Williams (Keyboard), Ivan Bell (Drums) , Eriel Huang (Violin), Marina Vizzini (Saxophone, Clarinet) Gianfranco Vizzini (Flute)

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Dance for a Cure 2011


Adele Blank


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