CT Tango Ensemble perform at Bishops Diocesan College –

Wednesday 8 February 2012

Bishops Diocesean College: Campground Road

Music Department: Hyslop Hall

Hyslop Hall

The Cape Town Tango Ensemble is the only Tango Orchestra in South Africa. They have been in existence for over 14 years. Comprising a core of 4 musicians – Stanislav Angelov (Accordeon, Bandoneon and Vibrandoneon), Albert Combrink (Piano), Charles Lazar (Double Bass) and Jacek Domagala (Violin) (for this performance the Violinist is Piet de Beer) – the group has performed locally and internationally. Their music has appeared on the soundtrack of at films such as “Tango Club”, and “Visa/Vie”. They have appeared on various television shows such as e.TV’s “Backstage”, and various variety programmes on Kyknet. They have broadcast on the BBC German Television Service and were recently on MNet’s “Ontbytsake”. The Ensemble was nominated for an MTN SAMA Award in 2011 for their second album “Tango Club”. They have travelled abroad and in 2011 performed at the Leipzig Gewandhaus in Germany, one of Europe’s most prestigious Concert Venues. Their tour included Munich, Berlin and Tubingen, both playing concerts and shows including dancers.

The individual musicians are highly acclaimed in their own right. Angelov performed with Queen and Bono at the “46664” concert televised to millions. Combrink made his concerto and recording debut at 18 with the Natal Philharmonic Orchestra and recently performed  Tango and Chopin recitals in Singapore. All four musicians are classically trained, holding a variety of degrees and diplomas from international institutions, and perform in a variety of genres.

The program will include explanations and presentations around the instruments and styles of tango performed, making the most of the educational opportunity presented by the concert.


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