“Two Works” (Anthony Costandius) –
Greyton Festival 20 May 2017, 3pm

“Some Rooms in an Empty House” & “The tragic Tale of Torbalan and De Oude Rode Ogen”

Moravian Church: Greyton

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For the first time Classics for All audiences can enjoy a collaboration between music and movement in what promises to be a unique and thought-provoking experience.

“Some Rooms in an Empty House”, one of the Two Works by South African composer Dr Anthony Costandius, is a minimalistic, expressionistic work that takes the listener on a conceptual “House Viewing” during which a total of nine rooms are shown. It starts in the “Green Room” and then moves through “A room of forgotten passions”, “A room for songs”, “On being a monster without under a bed under which to hide”, “A room for touching”, “A room for clocks winding down”, “A room for Fools” and ends in “the Last Room”.

Performance Art group PREMATUUR (see pictures of dancers) gives abstract expression to the music of Costandius through movement. PREMATUUR’s ethos is to shift the boundaries of known theatrical practices by using progressive exploration to establish vocabulary, orchestrated by choreographer Saskia Wicomb.

Musicians (NArrative Ensemble):
Valentina Koleva-Voster and Maretha van der Walt (violin)
Jan-Hendrik Harley (viola)
Cheryl de Havilland (cello)
Albert Combrink (piano)

Soleil Terblanche, Robert Viljoen, Mandri Sutherland, Gisela Iles and Saskia Wicomb (Choreographer)

The performance of TWO WORKS is on Saturday 20 May at 15h00 in the Moravian Church in Greyton. Tickets from Computicket.

Choreographer Saskia Wicomb

Choreographer Saskia Wicomb

“The tragic Tale of Torbalan and De Oude Rode Ogen”

The second work, “The tragic Tale of Torbalan and De Oude Rode Ogen” is a satirical opera for violin (Valentina Koleva-Voster) and double bass (Roxane Steffen), based on the legend of a duel between the scary monster-like Torbalan and Oude Rode Ogen, resulting in the rescue of children.

In Greyton so fair
Will be told, for the first time, a tale so rare,
Of Torbalan, the Sackman, and his quest to Linz
And his rival, De Oude Rode Ogen, purveyor of sins.
Both race to steal little Adolf, a boy so rare,
Only to be caught in his wily snare:
Alas, Torbalan and De Oude Rode Ogen both expire,
leaving little Adolf to set the world on fire….