Dobs’ Famous Opera Arias

Mvakalisi “Dobs” Madotyeni – Tenor

Albert Combrink – Piano

3-5 September 2010, Darling, Cape Province

We offer a programme of some of the most beloved opera arias sung by a delightful young tenor, presented and narrated by Albert Combrink. The arias are placed in their historical context and humorous anecdotes around the world of opera makes this an “edutaining” offering, perfect for the intimate platform offered by the Voorkamer Fees.

Tenor Mvakalisi "Dobs" Madotyeni

Mvakalisi “Dobs” Madotyeni is an actor and singer born in Umtata. He recently spent a year in Holland as member of the cast of the musical Amandla Mandel de Musical in which he played Chief Hintsa and Steve Biko – performing the role in Dutch. He was also a member of the DDK Opera Company and had a role in the Golden Bear Award Winning film u’Carmen e’Khayelitsha.

Pianist Albert Combrink

Albert Combrink is a well-known pianist, accompanist and vocal coach. He is known for presenting unusual programmes that communicate directly with audiences of all ages. It is his passion to connect his audience with the music he performs through an informal presentation style that takes the music out of the stiffness of traditional settings, to something general audiences can relate to.

For more information, see the Darling Voorkamer Fest website.

Visit to Darling, June 2010, to bless the new community pool: Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu with the Voorkamerfest team

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