Hindemith: Die Vier Temperamente (Ballet) for Piano and Orchestra: Albert Combrink, NPO conducted by David Tidboald


Paul Hindemith (1895–1963) “Die Vier Temperamente” (Ballet) Thema Mit Vier Variationen- (The Four Temperaments, (Ballet) Theme with Four Variations) for Piano and Orchestra
Albert Combrink (Piano): Natal Philharmonic Orchestra, Dir. David Tidboald

A Thema: 00:00
B Erste Variation: Melancholisch 06:44
C Zweite Variation: Sanguinisch 12:46
D Dritte Variation: Phlegmatisch18:22
E Vierte Variation: Cholerisch 24:48

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Apologies for bad quality: Cassette Recording Original (Playhouse Studio, Durban , South Africa): Cassette Recording Original (Playhouse Studio, Durban, South Africa)

Albert Combrink Albert Combrink

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