Paul Hindemith (1895–1963) “Die Vier Temperamente” (Ballet) Thema Mit Vier Variationen- (The Four Temperaments, (Ballet) Theme with Four Variations) for Piano and Orchestra
Albert Combrink (Piano): Natal Philharmonic Orchestra, Dir. David Tidboald

A Thema: 00:00
B Erste Variation: Melancholisch 06:44
C Zweite Variation: Sanguinisch 12:46
D Dritte Variation: Phlegmatisch18:22
E Vierte Variation: Cholerisch 24:48

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Apologies for bad quality: Cassette Recording Original (Playhouse Studio, Durban , South Africa): Cassette Recording Original (Playhouse Studio, Durban, South Africa)

Albert Combrink

Albert Combrink

Read more about this Ballet, commissioned by Choreographer George Balanchine in 1946 and first performed by the New York City Ballet HERE.

Read Programme Notes by the San Francisco Ballet Company HERE.

Read Programme Notes by the American Symphony Orchestra HERE.


Hindemith “Die Vier Temperamente” – Photo by Albert Combrink

I apologise for not going into detail about the work, as I usually do in these posts, but the copyright policies surrounding the major role-players and contributors is a quagmire.

George Balanchine presented The Four Temperaments as a Ballet in November 20, 1946. It’s premiere as a concert work was given by the Boston Symphony Orchestra on September 3, 1944, conducted by Richard Burgin, with Hindemith-pupil Lukas Foss taking the piano part. – See more at: