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Hermanus Fynarts 2019 – Spanish Fiesta! – 8 June 2019


Louise Howlett
(Photo: Elzahn Johnson)


Date / Time: 8 June 19:00


Adult: R185
Children: R130
Early Bird: R170
First Five Rows:  R230 / R250

Venue:    Curro School Hall

Duration:   2 hours

Spanish music, like Spanish people, is full of fire and colour. From Carmen to [read more…]

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CT Tango ensemble: Tango Club



Stanislav Angelov – Accordion, Bandoneon
Albert Combrink – Piano, Keyboard
Jacek Domagala  – Violin
Charles LAzar – Double Bass


James Grace – Guitar (Appears courtesy of Stringwise Records)
Kevin Gibson – Drums
Willie van Zyl – Clarinet , Alto- & Tenor Saxophone
Adriana Edwards – Vocals

Release date: August 2010
Label: Good Music Records

Total tracks: 13

Awards: NOMINATED for a SAMA AWARD in the category “Best Instrumental Album” – 2011

Read reviews of Tango Club HERE.

Buy Tango Club  locally [read more…]

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Reviews of “Tango Club” by the CT Tango Ensemble


We've received some enthusiastic press coverage for the "Tango Club" CD. This exciting new offering has a real South African twist that sets their work apart from others and explores the boundary of jazz and other modern Latin genres. ~ Mark Hoeben, Thingstodocapetown - 19 March 2010.

Reviews of “Tango Club” by the CT Tango Ensemble2010-04-11T18:29:37+02:00

Astor Piazzolla: Cobblestone to Dance Floor


The story that Tango tells is far richer than the one restricting it to the simplistic legend of brothel entertainment. The greatest contribution to the language of contemporary Tanog is undoubtedly that of Astor Piazzolla.

Astor Piazzolla: Cobblestone to Dance Floor2010-01-29T20:03:26+02:00
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