Caminito (J.D. Filiberto) Performed here by the CT Tango Ensemble and Juan Simon (vocals) during the run of Tango Show El Beso during December 2004 at The Little Theatre – Cape Town.

Albert Combrink, Stanislav Angelov, Jacek Domagala (photo J. Altschuler)

CT Tango Ensemble:

Stanislav Angelov – Accordion, Bandoneon & Saxophone
Jacek Domagala – Violin
Albert Combrink – Piano
and Guest Artist Juan Simon – Vocals
Tango Singer Juan Simon
CT Tango Ensemble: El Tango en Africa
This track also appears on our first CD El Tango En Africa.

El Beso was produced by El Cacha Tango Company, directed by Heinrich Reisenhofer. 8 Dancers were led by Nur Dreyer and Cherona Reisenhofer-Dreyer. The show was choreographed by Mareli Schroter with live music by the Cape Town Tango Ensemble joined by the Argentinean singer Juan Simon. The ladies’ costumes were personally designed and created by top South African and international couturier Jenni Button.
Visit the show’s producers at El Cacha, with brances in Cape Town SA and Nürtingen, Deutschland .
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