Tango is more than music. It is the window to collected memories. –  Homero Expósito

The delightful Tango Vals Pedacito de cielo (Music by Francini & Stamponi and lyrics by Homero Exp ósito) performed by Juan Simon & CT Tango Ensemble during the run of Tango Show  El Beso in December 2004 at The Little Theatre – Cape Town.

Stanislav Angelov – Accordion
Jacek Domagala – Violin
Albert Combrink – Piano
Juan Simon – Vocals
Didi Moses, Jackie Borez, Therese Abrahmsen & Regine Lord – Dancers

The lyrics of Pedacito de cielo by Homero Expósito in the original Spanish and in rough English translation by Albert Combrink

La casa tenía una reja – The house had a fence
pintada con quejas y cantos de amor – painted with complaints and love songs.
La noche llenaba de ojeras  – The night filled with dark circles
la reja, la hiedra  y el viejo balcón… – the fence, ivy and the old balcony …
Recuerdo que entonces reías  – I remember then laughed
si yo te leía  mi verso mejor  – if I read my best verse
y ahora, capricho del tiempo, leyendo esos versos – and now, the whim of time, read these verses
¡lloramos los dos!  – Cried the two!

Los años de la infancia pasaron, pasaron… –  The years of childhood passed, passed
La reja está dormida de tanto silencio  – The gate is asleep so quiet
y en aquel pedacito de cielo se quedó tu alegría y mi amor – and in that little piece of heaven it was your joy and love.

Los años han pasado – The years have passed
terribles, malvados, dejando esa esperanza que no ha de llegar – terrible, evil, leaving that hope has not arrived
y recuerdo tu gesto travieso – and remember your gesture naughty
después de aquel beso robado al azar… – after that kiss, random stolen …

Tal vez se enfrió con la brisa – Maybe the breeze cooled
tu cálida risa, tu límpida voz… –  your warm laughter, your clear voice ...
Tal vez escapó a tus ojeras – Perhaps it escaped your dark circles
la reja, la hiedra, y el viejo balcón… – the fence, ivy  and the old balcony ...
Tus ojos de azúcar quemada – Your eyes burnt sugar
tenían distancias doradas al sol… –  distances were golden sun …
¡Y hoy quieres hallar como entonces – And now you want to find and then
la reja de bronce – the bronze gate
temblando de amor!… trembling with love

Homero Aldo Expósito (November 5, 1918 – September 23, 1987) was an Argentine poet and tango songwriter. He was author, among other things, of the famous tangos like Percal, Naranjo en flor, Margó, Flor de lino, Qué me van a hablar de amor, Ese muchacho Troilo, and Te llaman Malevo. He used to compose with his brother Virgilio Expósito, who was responsible for the music. He was born in Campana and grew up in the city of Zárate, a very important city in the development of the tango. The name Expósito stems from the fact that Homero’s father had been an orphan and had decided to adopt this surname meaning “of unknown origin”.

El Beso was produced by El Cacha Tango Company, directed by Heinrich Reisenhofer, performed with eight local dancers led by Nur Dreyer and Cherona Reisenhofer-Dreyer. The show was choreographed by Mareli Schroter with the music of the Cape Town Tango Ensemble and the Argentinean singer Juan Simon. The ladies’ costumes were personally designed and created by top South African and international couturier Jenni Button.Visit the website of El Cacha Cape Town SA and Nürtingen, Deutschland To book or buy CT Tango Ensemble CDs E-mail Albert Combrink.

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Jacek Domagala

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