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It was an incredible experience to perform a concert exploring the concept of a Mother’s Love in the Sasol Art Museum in Stellenbosch, with singer Louise Howlett. Verious settings of the “Ave Maria”, framed works such as Purcell’s “The Blessed Virgin’s Expostulation” exploring the human anguish of Mary at the disappearance of Jesus into the desert at age 12. Michael Head’s songs, a mixture of Christmas Songs and Art Songs such as “Slumber Song of the Madonna” and “Star Candles” explore the motherly love of Mary with the ever present shadow of the Cross. Presenting this programme literally UNDERNEATH an artwork dealing with these very themes, was a unique experience. Artist Wim Botha created a spiritual experience that was quite overwhelming and tender at the same time. The instalation “Solipsis V” was created for the 2013 Woordfees and we were so lucky to be able to perform in the same space as this extraordinary work.

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