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A brand new programme, exploring the piano’s singing tone, including oppratic transcriptions by Puccini and Bellini.


A special opportunity to perform a solo recital – but I was melting in the heat – appropriate as I was wearingthe shirt I had made when I played in Singapore!


Backstage, listening to the audience chatter through the curtains – i do not get nervous, just excited to play!


Reflections I



Reflections II




I tried to get the glasses to sing, but either the heat, or the nerves on the part of the performers (yes glasses get stage-fright sometimes – they steadfastly refused to sing. Perhaps my hands were too clean…



I will need water, since I talk to the audiences during my performances. I might as well have pretty glasses.



Steinway & Sons know how to build pianos. This one, however, is in need of some serious work.



We are lucky that the Bellville Civic Theater has such a good instrument. Pianoforte – Steinway & Sons Dealers in South Africa.


A Steinway that holds up to the hard work of Liszt, and sings with a burgundy tone in Chopin, he is more like a mature baritone than a Soprano Valkyrie.


No matter how hard they try to lock you in darkness, they can’t keep the Light form Shining. 11

Moments where the Light shines through into the world – that’s why I do what I do.