Methodist Church Simonstown

1 Chapel Close (Runciman Drive entrance)
Simon’s Town 7975
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Sunday 1st December 2013, 6:30 pm

At the invitation of Dr Steven van der Merwe, Sarah Acres and Albert Combrink performed their Reflections concert again. This time in the beautiful Methodist church up on the hill, overlooking the sea in Simonstown.


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Simonstown Methodist Church

Simonstown Methodist Church

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Our host: Dr Steven van der Merwe

Our host: Dr Steven van der Merwe

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Following the success of the “Lenten Meditation” Cello Recital at St. George’s Cathedral earlier this year, the “Out-the-box-to-the-heart” duo, presented a new programme of reflective, meditative pieces drawn form a variety of styles and genres. They repeated the most popular numbers from the original programme, judged by vast numbers of viewings on Youtube and Fandalism, but as always, they  presented new discoveries, including their own original transcriptions.

Reflections Poster

This concert is partially sponsored by The Monday Missile Dot Coza

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