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Hariu (Max Janowski) – Beverley Chiat (Live 2013)


Hariu (Psalm 100) by Max Janowski (1912–1991).

Beverley Chiat (Soprano

Vocal Trio: Thesele Kemane, Beverley Chiat, Katherine Moon, Leanne Jacobson & Albert Combrink (Piano)
(Arranged by Albert Combrink, Sung in Hebrew)

Filmed Live during the “Rosh Hashannah” service at Temple Israel Reform Synagogue, Greenpoint, Cape Town, South Africa, September 2013

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Hariu (Max Janowski): Brief Description

Buy the Sheet Music for Hariu by Max Janowsky HERE.

Max Janowski (1912–1991), was a composer [read more…]

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Hashkiveinu (Louis Lewandowski)


Photo: Albert Combrink Sunset

Hashkiveinu (Louis Lewandowski)

A simple prayer at bedtime. Such a familiar experience in many homes; a mother tucking in the children, father before the evening meal as the family sits round the table, little ones in the pajamas freshly bathed and brushed. “Good Night, Sleep Tight, Don’t let the bedbugs bite!” Lullabies and bedtime prayers are often indistinguishable  as musical genres, so ingrained is this need to wrap up the day and reach out to the Protectors-in-charge who must keep the Earth turning while we float into unconsciousness.

Sometimes the [read more…]

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“Save a Child’s Heart Foundation” Fundraising Concert 13/3/2013


Save a Child’s Heart Benefit Concert:

Beverley Chiat
Nicola Cencherle
Albert Combrink

Yossi Reshef
Hugo Lamprechts Senior String Orchestra
Enerchi Dance Emporium

Wednesday 13 March 2013: 19h30
Hugo Lamprechts Auditorium: Parrow

Visit “Save a Child’s Heart” website HERE.

R Save a Child's Heart R Poster

Producer Ivor Joffe Producer Ivor Joffe

R hearts [read more…]

“Save a Child’s Heart Foundation” Fundraising Concert 13/3/20132013-03-16T18:44:48+02:00

Vilja (Lehár): Beverley Chiat (Soprano), Albert Combrink (Piano) LIVE VIDEO


“Vilja-Lied” by Franz Lehár (1870-1909) – Merry Widow/Die lustige Witwe (Operetta) : Act 2 Vilja-Lied [Hanna Glawari’s Aria]
Beverley Chiat (Soprano), Albert Combrink (Piano)
Live Amateur Video filmed at the “Save a Child’s Heart” Foundation Fundraising Concert held at the Hugo Lamprechts Auditorium, Parrow, Cape Town.

Es lebt’  eine Vilja, ein Waldmägdelein….
Vilja, o Vilja, Du Waldmägdelein     O Vilja, you little woods-maiden,
Fass’ mich und lass’ mich             Take me and let me
Dein Trautliebster sein!            Be our dearest true love!

For more information see:
Albert Combrink:
Beverley chiat:

Vilja (Lehár): Beverley Chiat (Soprano), Albert Combrink (Piano) LIVE VIDEO2013-03-14T12:12:49+02:00

Caruso (Dalla): Beverley Chiat, Nicci Cencerle, Albert Combrink LIVE VIDEO


Live Amateur Video: “Save A  Child’s Heart” Fundraising concert held at Hugo Lamprechts Music Center, Cape Town

Beverley Chiat (Soprano) /Nicola Cencerle (Tenor) / Albert Combrink (Piano)

“Caruso” is a song written by Italian singer-songwriter Lucio Dalla in 1986. It is dedicated to Enrico Caruso, an Italian tenor. The song tells about the pain and longings of a man who is about to die while he is looking into the eyes of a girl who was very dear to him

For more information see:
Albert Combrink:
Beverley chiat:

“CARUSO” (Song): Italian Lyrics

Qui dove il mare luccica e tira forte [read more…]

Caruso (Dalla): Beverley Chiat, Nicci Cencerle, Albert Combrink LIVE VIDEO2013-03-13T21:31:20+02:00

Beverley Chiat & Albert Combrink: Helderberg Hospice Fundraising Concert (Hosted by B’Noth Zion)



Beverley Chiat (Soprano), Albert Combrink (Piano),

with Nick Rabinowitz (Comedian) &  Sara B Cohen (MC)

Thursday 31 May 2012

10h00 – 12h30

B’Noth Zion Wizo (Association of Jewish oWomen – Strand/Somerset-West)

La Pineta Restaurant (Stellenbosch R44)

The event raised money for the Helderberg Hospice.

What a worthwhile cause to have been involved in! Beverley Chiat, showed no signs that she had only barely recovered from a very serious larangytis and gave a superbly moving performance. Yiddish songs, Operetta Arias and a dollop of Puccini. Comedian Nic Rabinowitz entertained audiences as well, with Sara B Cohen as Master [read more…]

Beverley Chiat & Albert Combrink: Helderberg Hospice Fundraising Concert (Hosted by B’Noth Zion)2012-05-19T14:55:39+02:00

Durante’s Danza Fanciulla – imagining the dance


Performing a song that is almost three centuries old, presents modern performers with a plethora of artistic decisions. Using art restoration such as the Sisitne Chapel as a comparison, this post explores some of the options in this delightful Aria Antiche by Durante.

Durante’s Danza Fanciulla – imagining the dance2010-02-24T09:58:33+02:00
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